Bevel Gearbox for RCVD


The Bevel Gearbox is used for changing the orientation of rotation by 90 Degrees.
The output is derived from combination of Motor and Worm Gearbox.
Here speed is low however Torque to be transmitted is high.
The Bevel Gearbox 1:1

The Requirement for RCVD is summarised as follows:

1. Right Angle Bevel Gearbox 1:1
2. Operating RPM : In the range of 10-20 RPM. Torque 1500 NM
3. Material of Construction : All the external surfaces Fabricated out of SS - 316L grade with TC
4. External shape : to be inline with GMP guidelines (e.g there should not be any external crevices. Should be smooth…so that the product, which is pharmaceutical powder, easily slides over and falls down)
5 .All external surfaces should be washable and sterilizable (by steam)
6. Exposed plastic/rubber surfaces (for example the seals) of food grade/FDA approved. Viton seals and Food quality grease used.
7. Self-sufficient in terms of lifetime lubrication
8. No oil spills/leakages


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