Bevel Gearbox for RCVD

  • The Bevel Gearbox is used for changing the orientation of rotation by 90 Degrees.
  • The output is derived from combination of Motor and Worm Gearbox.
  • Here speed is low however Torque to be transmitted is high.
  • The Bevel Gearbox 1:1.

The Requirement for RCVD is summarised as follows:

1. Right Angle Bevel Gearbox 1:1
2. Operating RPM : In the range of 10-20 RPM. Torque 1500 NM
3. Material of Construction : All the external surfaces Fabricated out of S - 316L grade with TC
4. External shape : to be inline with GMP guidelines (e.g there should not be any external crevices. Should be smooth…so that the product, which is pharmaceutical powder, easily slides over and falls down)
5 .All external surfaces should be washable and sterilizable (by steam)
6. Exposed plastic/rubber surfaces (for example the seals) of food grade/FDA approved. Viton seals and Food quality grease used.
7. Self-sufficient in terms of lifetime lubrication
8. No oil spills/leakages