Gearbox For Motorised lighting Grids In Film Studios

    Special Purpose Hoist Mechanisms used in Television and other Studios.
    We have designed and developed Special Heli Worm Gearbox with Self Locking characteristics to lift and lower Lighting Grid ( 200 Kg to 2.5 Tonnes) by means of Ropes and Rope Drums.
    For lighter weight applications like 200 Kg and 400 Kg we have Self Climbing Hoists also.
    These Hoist differs from normal Industrial hoists in a way that the Gears are always loaded and this requires Self Locking characteristics.
    This Motorized Lighting Grid is being used to install Lights along with service persons to cover desired area for Lighting for Film Shoots.
    Motorized Gear Box with Self Locking Characteristic along with Rope winding mechanisms with different capacities have been used for handling Lighting Grids and other equipment used for Photography and Shooting.
    This facilitates easy adjustments of Lights in any studio as per the requirement.

    Similar mechanism is being used at AERI Pune for recording Crash Test of Automobiles.