Current Project

    We have been manufacturing precision small gearboxes to be used for FHP Geared electric Motors for last 25 years. These gearboxes are import substitutes.
    These year we have started supplying fractional Horse power AC as well as PMDC GEARED Electric Motors. We Have a wide range of gearboxes like Helical, Worm and also Double reduction worm gearboxes to Cater to requirement of various Original Equipment Manufacturers.
    Thus we have Already entered into market as Geared Motor Manufacturers and we are getting good response from machine manufacturers.
    Following are photographs of some of standard Geared Motors manufactured by us.

    Helical Geared Motor

    Face Mounted inline Helical Gearbox rated for 60 Kg-Cm or 6 NM Torque with noiseless operation in combination with AC or PMDC Motor Can be supplied.

    Gear Box With Stepper Motor:

    We have designed special couplers by which our standard gearboxes can be used for Stepper Motors.
    One such application Flange Mounted Worm Gearbox With Hollow Output Shaft Coupled With Stepper Motor.

    Hollow Shaft Geared Motor:

    Flange Mounted Worm Gearbox rated for 150KG-CM or 15 MM Torque with Hollow Output shaft Dia 17mm in combination with AC or PMDC Motor can be supplied as per requirement with various output Speeds.