We conduct technical audit and also Finite Element Analysis at component level for entire project.

We offer our consultancy in the field of Gear Design and Manufacturing gears and gear boxes.

We offer commissioning of systems provided by us at site.

The projects or Products mentioned in our list Rod Gearing Mechanism, Remote Operation of Valves are undertaken on complete installation basis.

We ensure satisfactory trials at Site.

We have customised Gear Design software and also we have relevant data form ASTME / PSG and many other authorised institutions. We have licensed version of Autocad as well as Solid Edge Three Dimensional modeling software.

Besides we have a team of engineers who assist us in this regards, fully equipped with latest software and technologies.

When we undertake a turnkey project, we design and check all components as per up to date design standards. We also have expertise to vary the particular parameters as per the requirement of application.

We undertake reverse engineering projects when a sample is provided to us and we can reproduce the exact replica of the same with same operating standard.


Technical Audit for Safety in Design for Screw Gate Mechanism used in Irrigation Dam Project.


We have conducted Technical Audit for supplies at Hetawane Dam as per stipulations from State Government.

Finite element analysis was conducted at our end for each vital component used in the system and report submitted by us.

Client: CIDCO at Hetawane, New Mumbai.

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