Bevel Gearbox For Remote Operation of Valves

    We have handled this project for Shipbuilding Division, Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Hazira Yard.

    We have designed and manufactured system comprising of special purpose bevel gearbox to operate various valves from remote locations for the purpose of convenience of operations.

    We have used bevel gearboxes for change in direction of rotations besides Rods, Pedestal Bearings and Universal Couplings are used.

    Small compact bevel gearboxes with precise teeth generated Bevel Gears used inside are developed by us for this application.

    We have even provided Bonnet Assemblies with asbestos free Gland Seals at appropriate Locations.

    We have successfully completed a prestigious project for Shipbuilding Department Larsen and Toubro Ltd. Hazira works. We have offered complete solution for Remote Operation of Valves located at inconvenient locations inside a Ship. We have also carried out commissioning at site (Ship). The project was completed in record time period and upto the mark with remarkable fine operations of valves at various locations along with providing asbestos free gland packing with meticulous planning. It comprises of small Bevel Gearboxes, Rods, Universal Couplings and pedestal Bearings.

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