Screw Jacks

    We design tailor made applications involving Lead Screw Mechanisms One such application refers to PORTAL BRIDGE at NCPA Theater where in 5 Tonne weighing Portal Bridge is moved vertically Upwards and Downwards by means of Two Screws with Motor at the Centre.

    In case of Bevel jacks we use Teeth generated case hardened Bevel Gears.
    • We are specialised in designing and manufacturing special purpose or custom built screw applications.
    • The picture shows a typical screw jack designed to lift 2.5Tonnes for some export application.
    • Bellows used for protection from dust and atmospheric corrosion.
    • Precision Trapezoidal screw M30x7P, Taiwan make is used.
    • We also manufacture Screw Jacks of different capacities with imported Trapezoidal Screws.

Technocraft Engineers excels as a premier designer, manufacturer, and supplier of top-tier screw jacks, catering to diverse industrial needs. Renowned for precision engineering, their screw jacks offer unparalleled reliability and efficiency in load lifting and positioning applications. Crafted with high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology, these jacks ensure optimal performance and durability. Technocraft's commitment to innovation reflects in their customizable solutions, tailored to specific client requirements. With a focus on quality and safety, their screw jacks uphold industry standards, fostering trust among customers worldwide. Experience seamless operations and enhanced productivity with Technocraft Engineers' robust and meticulously crafted screw jack solutions.

IR Heating Assembly

Heating Burners are swivelled and raised up-down by means of a gearbox and a Screw Jack respectively. Compact plant is designed to cater the requirement. The whole assembly can be raised or lowered up/down and also individual burners can be tilted and/or moved in linear manner as and when required.