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Special Purpose Gear Boxes
We manufacture special purpose precision gear boxes of any desired ratio and any kind and size such as Spur Gear Boxes, Helical Gear Boxes, Worm Gear Boxes and Bevel Gear Boxes. We also design & manufacture Fractional Horse Power Geared Motors. Technocraft Engineers sets a Milestone by creating import substitutes for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Fractional Horse Power Geared Motors

We are designers and Manufacturers of F.H.P. Geared Motors. We have been making small Precision import substitute Helical and Worm Gear Boxes suitable for Fractional Horse Power ( 40 Watts to 370 Watts) A.C. and P.M.D.C. Motors.

The application requires noiseless and smooth transmission. The Gears and Housing are precisely machined using most sophisticated manufacturing processes and Precision Imported Machines. We have developed tooling for Pressure ie Cast Housing, Carbide Topping Gear Hobbing Cutters, Jigs and Fixtures to achieve Most precise and Economic Finished Product.

The motors are used in Textile Machines, Packaging Machines, Paper Copiers, Currency Counting Machines, Laboratory Instruments and various other Industries.


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